At the Montana Project we hold self evident that to be alive is to be artistic, it is who we all are; everyone can be creative, and creating art with others is fun!

    • The purpose of art is washing the dust of our daily lives off our souls

    • We have designed our ‘paint and sip‘ projects to be contemporary, to be ‘loose’ and ‘tight’; loose so you can be creative, flick paint about and try new things, and then ‘tighten’ up the image with tools like stencils to make it a bomb-proof item you will be happy to hang on your walls.

      We create an atmosphere in our paint and sip nights of being creative and expressive, within a process that ensures you will be happy with the fruits of your efforts.

      Some say, it’s creativity catered.

    • Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics

      Victor Pinchuk

      Visiting from Los Angeles, I was not a stranger to ‘paint and sip’ nights, but this by far was the best experience and art work I have ever made.  What makes it so unique is that the artist uses stencils which makes it easy to follow and get your creativity on. You never feel intimidated like your’er not an artist, like me.  I definitely recommend for friends, groups, date nights or family outings.
      Veronika.  L.A.