Book Review of ‘Your Artist’s Brain by Carl Purcell

    • Your Artist’s Brain: Use the right side of your brain to draw and paint what you see – not what you think you see,” by Carl Purcell.

      I’m not one for left – right brain talk as I doubt the human brain is that simple. Other than that, this book has a great title and delivers in spades. It might sound simple to paint and draw what you see and not what you think you see, but to do so you have to overcome some entrenched beliefs about drawing.

      This is a book for anyone interested in becoming a better artist. I have probably 50+ books on various aspects of art, and I put this one among the best because it has formed a valuable foundation for how I draw and paint.

      The first two thirds of the book are devoted to understanding how our brains lead us to paint and draw what we think about or know about an object instead of what we actually see, and the last third turns the focus away from drawing onto painting.

      What I appreciate is the number of examples to be copied and learnt from, and the fact that I find myself coming back this book when I just can’t get it ‘right’ or I’m looking for inspiration of projects to draw.

      Even to this day I am prone to painting and drawing what I think an item ought to look like instead of what I see, but I soon pull myself up and engage my ‘artists brain’.

      if you are a watercolour painter, I think you would find this a great companion to Jean Haines ‘Colour & Light In Watercolour: New Edition’.

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