Why go to a paint and sip for your next date night?

    • The Best Date Night is a Paint and Sip Night

      Getting tired of the same old date ideas? Want to try something different? Consider a paint and sip date night. Not only do you have fun, but you’re also creating a piece of art as a reminder of your great night out.

      Keep reading to learn more about planning your own paint and sip date night in Brisbane.

      What is Paint and Sip in Brisbane?

      Paint and sip is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a night of painting and sipping your favorite beverage. Classes are led by our talented artists to guide you step by step as you create a unique piece of art you can take and display at your home.

      Do You Need Experience to Paint?

      No experience is necessary to participate. We use street art techniques that take the stress out of the art and allow you to relax and have fun, knowing that the stencil will help bring the project together.  We will guide you through the process of painting. We will assist you with choosing paint colours and customising your art to make it truly your own.

      While everyone may be working on the same subject, sunflowers, for example, we will work with you to create an individual piece based on your personal preferences. And when everyone is finished, you can check out what others came up with from the same idea.

      What Should You Wear?

      Wear something you wouldn’t mind getting paint on. Paints can splatter and drip and can be difficult to remove from the cloth. You’ll want to be comfortable too, so wear comfy shoes and clothes you can move around in.

      Do You Need to Bring Any Materials?

      We provide everything you need to paint. You only need to bring whatever you want to drink.

      Pro Tip:  Post Covid we supply disposable cups for your BYO, why not shine by packing some glassware for your beloved?

      Why Paint and Sip With Us?

      Our big point or difference is that you will not be playing ‘follow the leader’ copying every brush stroke of the instructor.  We teach you simple techniques and give your the right tools like stencils and paint pens so that you can relax, have a chat, have fun, and still get a unique painting at the end.

      Our studio is massive allowing you to wonder.  Before we begin, you can roam about our huge studio hand in hand, sipping on a glass of wine while enjoying our large murals. While you’re painting, music plays in the background, adding to the relaxing and entertaining experience. We are dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable experience that you will remember forever.

      Want to plan dinner along with your paint and sip night? We are conveniently located above a pub, so you can eat there before you come up to paint, or you can order food to snack on while you create your art. The pub will still be open when you finish, so you can linger a little longer with a drink or two before heading home.

      Pro Tip:  Want this to come together at the last minute?  Our huge venue means there is every chance you can get a ticket at the last minute, and we have a bottleshop meters away.  Book online with half and hour to go, do a turbo stop at the local bottleshop, arrive 10 minutes early to order up dinner for two and you’re off to a great start on a memorable date night.

      What are you waiting for? Go plan that paint and sip date night with us right now! You won’t regret it!