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Paint your own Cow with drips canvas

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  • Paint and take home your own Cow with Drips Canvas

    This is a great project.  We do up a great dripping background, then we use a stencil to sketch out the proper proportions of the cow.  This done we use acrylic paint to make a charcoal style portrait of a cow.

    I was commissioned to paint 50m of Boundary street in West End, and as a subject matter I chose to paint a herd of cattle;  It was an uncertain time, a time of change, and I thought that if a herd of cows didn’t calm things down, then nothing would.  I was, as it turned out, quite wrong;  cows didn’t calm down those that were agitated, so I painted a 10m long crocodile.  That didn’t work either.  Still, the cow is very calming!

    Take stock of the colours you use in your home and pick colours that complement.

    What you’ll bring home.

    A one off original stencil image of the best cow in the world, painted on a 600x760mm double thick canvas in colours of your choosing.

    Arrive a little early

    Don’t forget to arrive early;  handover your BYO to be put on ice and you will receive a complimentary glass of sparkling downstairs in the bar.

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    Montana Art Project
    Level 1, 363 Montague Road
    West End, QLD 4101
    • Drinks & Nibbles

      Free glass of Bubbles on arrival.
      BYO wine, beer and soft drinks.
      Finger food can be ordered up from the Montague Hotel kitchen.

    • No experience required

      One of our artists will guide you with easy to follow instructions, allowing plenty of scope for your personalised touches.

    • Where to go?

      The event will occur at our gorgeous venue, level 1, upstairs from the Montague Hotel, 363 Montague Road, West End 4101