Frida Kahlo School Holiday Parent and Child

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  • We love Frida Kahlo here at the Montana Art Project, not just because of her inspiring emotional art but because of her strong feminist story.  Boys also love painting Frida in this expressive ‘street art’ style using a mixture or acrylic and spray paints with stencils.

    This style of art is accessible to a large range of ages and comes down to the individual child’s ability to concentrate on a fun activity over a 2 hour period.  The most challenging aspect is the use of spray paint;  we supply gloves and safety glasses.  If your child can’t master the cans, it may  be up to you, the parent, to finish the project for them.  Children 10 or older ought to be fine.

    It is fun for both the parent and the child to paint, however if you want to share a canvas that is fine too.  Do your own painting, then book for each person: sharing a painting, then book for one person.

     Your ticket includes;

    * LARGER double thick canvas

    * GUIDANCE from our artist and street art techniques ensure great results

    * MATERIALS including acrylic paints, spray paints and stencils

    * LARGE ARTWORK to take home

    This is a perfect chance to try something new so gather your creative tribe and head on over.

    You’ll be bringing home a one off original stencil image, painted by you on a quality 600x760mm double thick canvas in colours of your choosing.

    Frida is an icon made famous by her paintings and life of “pain and passion” and for her intense, vibrant colors.  We capture the Frida spirit using great colours and fun to use stencils.

    Paint in your favourite colours;  don’t have a favourite?
    x  Find a painting you like:  take note of the colours.
    x  Look at your clothes: most ppl have colours they wear together.
    x  Look to your furniture: what are the dominant colours?
    x  Look to nature: whilst looking at a natural scene have you ever said, ‘that pink looks terrible next to that green’?  Steal natures ideas.

    Please arrive a little early for a 10.00am start.  We are located above the Montague Hotel at 363 Montague Road, West End.  Classes end between 12.30 – 1.00pm.

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    Montana Art Project
    Level 1, 363 Montague Road
    West End, QLD 4101
    • Drinks & Nibbles

      BYO wine, beer and soft drinks.
      For our school holiday classes you can bring your own nibbles.

    • No experience required

      One of our artists will guide you with easy to follow instructions, allowing plenty of scope for your personalised touches.

    • Where to go?

      The event will occur at our gorgeous venue, level 1, upstairs from the Montague Hotel, 363 Montague Road, West End 4101