• Great Day Out
      • The Great Day Out:

        Special thanks to Channel 7 and Jillian Whiting for joining our arty party. Stay tuned for our feature in “Art in West End” episode coming soon!


      • Weekend Edition Article
      • The Weekend Edition:

        “If you’ve been looking for a way to explore your creative side in a no-pressure environment (or you’re just looking for a cool new activity), West End’s stunning new paint-and-sip studio Montana Art Project is just the ticket.”

        Thank you ‘The Weekend Edition’ for this glowing review of the Montana Art Project. Please read the full article here.


      • Urban List Article
      • The Urban List | Brisbane:

        …”As for the artworks themselves, TMAP favours a grungy approach so concepts like ‘the rulebook’ or ‘perfection’ go right out the window, and raw creativity has free reign.”

        A big thank you to The Urban List for their wonderful write up, found here.

      • Where To Media
      • Whereto.Media:

        “The Montana Art Project is a reimagined paint-and-sip class, where students get to create freestyle works using spray paints on canvas. You’ll pick up lots of techniques along the way, while enjoying BYO wine to boost those creativity levels.”

        Thanks for the great review guys! Watch their quick video here.